SeaTalk <-> NMEA Converter Board

  • Last Update 04 Apr 2004

    The new SeaTalk <-> NMEA / SeaTalk <-> RS232 Boards V3.3 have arrived.

    I have assembled and shiped about 40 boards up to now and I'm still testing and extending the functions.
    The boards are on boats in Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, New Zealand, France, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Sweden ......
    The feedback so far is : The Software and Hardware works on "real Boats" with "real Instuments" :-)
    In one test a transmitting cellphone within 1 meter of the PCB had caused the board to reboot over and over again. This interrupted data transmission for several seconds. Please do not operate a cellphone near the SeaTalk Nmea Bridge.
    I'm constantly extending the functions. Currently I'm working on controlling an old SeaTalk only Autopilot by GPS.

    You can find the circuit diagamm and the pcb layout data here.
    Click on the pictures above.